Welcome in the Urban Search and rescue group’s website

The USAR-GIS (Urban Search And Rescue - Group Interventions and rescue) is a nongovernmental organization. We are women and men, all volunteers, from the area of the rescue. We put our skills to the service of the people in difficulties, affected by natural or human disasters. Our commitment is with dedication and professionalism, by passion of the human being.
Aware of the difficulties inherent in a disaster, we intervene in total autonomy to do not depend on the stricken country and be an additional expense. Our main objectives are to ensure the victims under the rubble, and to realize their first aid care and medical research, but also to implement care dispensary, technical and logistical support actions.
Our association put also implementing training activities so that the people can prepare better for the disasters that may hit them (first aid, security, organization...)
All the actions that our volunteers are doing cannot be done without material and financial aid. That's why we need you...